Here we go…again

Well. Talk about the triumph of hope over experience. Despite only managing a grand total of ONE thing in the last round of this course, I am having another stab.

Perhaps it’s naive, but I’m pretty optimistic. I was on an extended trip to America towards the end of last year, and I think that (combined with the Christmas break) conspired against me.

I also think I set myself too high a standard in terms of my blog posts, and maybe that needs to change. It’s probably better to say something inelegantly than to say nothing at all. Also, the less time spent agonising over adjectives and the more spent playing with the ‘things’, the better.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to embarking on this adventure with other 25 Thingers, and hope to learn at least one thing that I’ll be able to use as a regular part of my work. Fingers crossed!

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